St. Verna’s fire

A weather phenomenon in Root, manifesting as luminous green, clinging electricity.


The main harbor city of northeastern Floria, bustling and cosmopolitan, deeply weathered in appearance due to efflorescing salt.


Lean, gray, wolfish bears that sleep all summer and prowl the winter woods of the Antler River Valley.


A continent settled by Heraldic countries, now primarily ruled by Bruntland; the colonies are largely independent, however, and indigenous tribes remain.

The Eccentric Ocean

The vast ocean between Floria and Heraldia, frequently travelled and rife with mysterious perils.


Sleek, social fish with almost-human faces; it is said their great intelligence causes them to grieve.

Serpentine Current

A potent flow of water in the Eccentric Ocean, known to hinder ships and produce vivid weather.


Stifling, blinding ocean fog common to the Serpentine Current; sailors consider it “breezes made of water.”

Bird crabs

Small, pearl-gray crabs with membranous wings, often tangling in the rigging of ocean ships and considered delicacies.


Also called the Aquatic Islands, a wealthy, independent nation in the Solar Ocean and home to excellent sailors and traders.


Bruntland’s infamous prison colony, a place of no return.

The Roving Isles

Legendary islands said to drift around the Eccentric Ocean, perhaps real, perhaps mirages.


The capital city of Bruntland, situated near the coast of the Eccentric Ocean; most of its grand, central buildings are constructed of a ghostly pale mineral called lunarite.


A continent of independent countries; the two major powers, Bruntland and Rouge, are historically antagonistic.

The Glacial Islands

Sparsely populated, famous for bizarrely beautiful snow formations and ice-shelled turtles.